Monday, May 18, 2009

The Not-so-Lazy Days of Summer

I used to really look forward to summer...sleeping in, having no set schedule, playing four square, riding bikes or roller skating for hours outside in the hot sun, then cooling off in the community swimming pool, eating watermelon and ice cream and not ending the day until the street lights came on. Ahhh...what a relaxing and fun way to spend the summer.

But times have changed and now the summer rat race begins in March! Have you made your summer vacation plans? Do you have your kids registered for swim lessons, soccer camp and art classes? Or how about music and acting lessons, cooking school or getting the jump on next school year with math and reading tutoring?

Well if you got a late start, don't worry there are still some summer activities available in the Lake Travis community for our kids.

There are several different opportunities for children of all ages offered through LTISD. Early registration ends Wed. May 20th so go to for the 2009 Summer Camps information and registration.

For culinary kids, Faraday's Kitchen Store is hosting several Kids' Cooking Camps. You can find more info at

Several different sports camps are offered through the Lake Travis Youth Association

Flipnastics Gym is offering day camps and mini camps for children of all ages in addition to classes in gymnastics and cheer leading.

For the artists in your family, try the camps offered by Art Attack in the Hill Country Galleria. There are several week long day camps offered, but you can also just plan an afternoon with you and your child, creating unique pottery, mosaics or glass fusion projects.

Laguna Gloria Art Museum also offers camps for your budding artist. Look at for ideas.

The Austin Children's Museum offers camps for children throughout the summer exploring a variety of topics. For more info visit:

For the performers in the group try TexArts at or 620 Dance Centre at for classes in singing, performing and dancing.

Now for the really creative parents and kids in the community, I suggest developing your own camp! The possibilities for fun are really only limited by your imagination. Creating your own camp allows you to completely tailor the camp to your child's interests and schedule while keeping the budget manageable for your family.

So this year my daughter and I are planning the first annual Girls Just Want to Have Fun Camp! The plan is to gather my daughter plus three or four other girlfriends. We will meet Monday through Friday from 10-4 each day. Each girl's family is in charge of one day of activities (giving the rest of the parents 4 days off.) The activities can include swimming, crafts, perhaps a daytime "slumber party," a community service project, or anything else the girls and the parents can dream up! The families involved determine how to cover the costs of activities, snacks and other details. We might even end the week with a family cookout at the park or pool. The main objective is for the girls to get together, make some memories, and have fun spending time together! In researching this idea, I found a few websites you might want to visit when planning your own camp!

About .com:

So don't get caught up in the frenzy of scheduling weeks of camps and activities for your children this summer. All you need to do is remember the three R's of summer vacation...Relaxtion, Rejuvenation and Reconnection! If you can master these, your summer will be Remarkable!

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