Monday, April 27, 2009

Make Your Voice Heard-Vote May 9th

Early voting has already started for the May 9th elections. I live in Lakeway, and this spring we'll elect a new mayor and several council members. The LTISD also needs to fill two spots on its board. So trying to be an informed voter, I went in search of information about the candidates. Being that the Internet is a valuable resource for general information, I started there. On my first try, I didn't find much about our candidates, other than a couple of limited articles from the Lake Travis View. Taking the search to the next level by entering individual candidate's names, I located websites for Dave DeOme, Lakeway Mayoral candidate; Alan Tye, Lakeway City Council candidate; and Lisa Johnson; LTISD candidate for place 2.

Unfortunately, I've not been able to find out much about our choices to lead our city or our schools. I know our community is still considered small by many, but with the continued growth in our area, the unstable economy, and the education of our children at stake, I was expecting all of the candidates to use the tools of the 21st century to get their word out and to share their vision for our community. Instead, I find that most of the candidates are relying on the archaic, but ever present "good 'ole boy" network to communicate their messages.

Now in fairness, I know that there have been Meet the Candidates forums held in community centers, and Meet-n-Greet socials held at homes in the community. I think these are excellent opportunities to learn more about a candidate face to face. Unfortunately, many voters often don't have access to these meetings or have schedule conflicts. Not to mention the fact that all of the candidates don't even attend these meetings or at least send a representative to field questions. (Oops, I guess I mentioned it.) By using multiple media outlets, candidates give voters easier access to the information needed to make informed decisions.

As usual, I will take advantage of early voting which is open through May 5th at Randall's. Between now and then, I plan to find out more about the candidates before I vote. I will gladly pass on any information that I find. I hope you will do the same.

Here are links to the websites that I did find.
Dave DeOme, Lakeway Mayoral Candidate:
Alan Tye, Lakeway City Council Candidate:
Lisa Johnson, LTISD Place 2 candidate:

Elections are also being held in The Hills, Bee Caves and Briarcliff. For those of you in Bee Caves, Briarcliff and for general voting information try:
Lake Travis View:

For my friends in The Hills, if you go to you will find some biographical information about your candidates.

You owe it to yourself and your family to be informed before you vote. I continue to learn how important it is to put the right candidates in office. I believe those are the candidates who not only possess the values, character and integrity necessary for leadership, but also have the vision, creativity and ingenuity required to preserve the quality of our community while simultaneously encouraging future progress.

Very often, we don't take these local elections seriously, but we should. This is where we live.

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