Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just Getting Started!

Welcome to the Lake Travis Family Life blog. My name is Perri. I'm a wife, the mother of two daughters, a writer and a fortunate member of the Greater Lake Travis Neighborhood. It is my hope that through this blog, we'll share ideas, information and resources to help each of us live the good life in the Lake Travis Community.

Do you know the best family friendly restaurants in our area, or what nights kid's eat free at which restaurant? Who's your favorite pediatrician or dentist in the community? Do have a creative idea for your husband's next birthday, or what to serve your in-laws for dinner? What do you know about the school board candidates or what my soon-to-be fifth grader can expect next year? Do you participate in a book club or volunteer with a service organization that needs to get the word out? What camps and activities are your kids participating in this summer? Do you know where to find a good deal on kid's shoes or what's on sale at the grocery store this week? Finding the answers to these and other questions is the goal of this blog. I hope you will join me in sharing information, resources and ideas for all the wonderful things available in our community.

I'll also be sharing some thoughts on how I see the world. I've been a "writer for hire" for many years. I've written the words for purple dinosaurs that live in the land of television make-believe, CEOS of Fortune 500 companies, political candidates from both sides of the aisle, and marketing and public relations materials for small businesses and nonprofits, but rarely do I write about what is important to me in my little part of the world.

In the past few months, we've witnessed such turmoil in our nation with the fall of the financial markets, the feuding political agendas, and the on-going war that it is easy to forget how blessed we are to live in this wonderful community. Remember to place the value of your stock in your family and friends and your wealth will truly multiply.

Lake Travis Family Life is Good!

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